Not Just Action. InterACTION!

Communication with peer groups and adults is crucial to thriving and success for youth today. Camp Fire’s InterACTION focuses on healthy communication skills and helping youth learn simple conflict resolution approaches.

Two Young Friends

About the Program

InterACTION offers a flexible and engaging program for middle-schoolers. It is designed to  help youth:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand how body language and the medium used (text, phone, email, in person) affects their messages
  • Avoid common communication pitfalls
  • Learn about peer pressure, both good and bad, and how to prevent conflict

InterACTION program encompasses:

  • Six one-hour lessons to learn, practice, and reflect on communication skills
  • Activities designed to get kids talking and sharing with one another
  • Workbook and handouts for each participant
  • Goal-setting and management activities

Why Middle School? 

Middle school is an emotionally, socially, and physically turbulent time for youth. Changes in friends, increased interaction with adults, and more complicated peer settings all create complex communication situations. InterACTION helps them gain key skills to navigate these new situations and friendships while increasing their independence.

Program Outcomes

InterACTION,Camp Fire’s conflict resolution program for middle-schoolers, tailors sessions to your classroom or school needs. We use a combination of movement and activities, interactive lessons, and student-led discussions integrated with games and role-playing opportunities to make a lasting difference.

As a result of programming, Camp Fire’s program evaluation showed significant reduction in conflicts requiring intervention from school personnel, reducing them by 25 percent. At the same time, incidents with the cohort had changed from mostly violent acts to attention seeking behavior.