No-School Break Camps: Keeping your employees productive!

Camp Fire Sandusky County can keep your employees productive during school breaks and teacher workshop days by hosting a youth camp experience at your corporate location! Just provide us with an outdoor location and an indoor space for inclement weather and lunch, and we’ll bring an educational and fun camp experience to you. Whether it’s for one day or one week, Camp Fire is happy to be your community partner! As you know, employees who miss work for even planned activities can be quite costly:


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Camp Fire is here to help!

$45 per student. Charge your employees the fee, or cover some or all of the cost on their behalf. Have youth bring a sack lunch, or the company can provide lunch for the group. We’re flexible across the board.

Activities on the Go. We bring all the activities to you, along with important things like insurance coverage. Whether you choose our STEM curricula, healthy living and eating lessons, or traditional camp activities, the fun happens.

Thrive{ology} Every Camp Fire program is built with Thrive{ology} ‐ the science of helping youth thrive. We’re experts in youth development and bring age‐appropriate development and exploration to keep minds growing.