We’re so excited to have your child join our program!

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Thank you for choosing Camp Fire! For 107-years we’ve been helping kids learn how to be successful now, not just in preparation for their future (although we do that too!). Our proven, research-based Thrive{ology} framework is a part of every program we offer.

 Teen Leadership Camp

Teen Leadership Camp provides the opportunity to help teens develop as effective and engaged citizens, now.  These programs are youth-led and youth-driven, guided by trained adults.  Through our service-learning framework, teens learn to identify community needs, issues or challenges; decide what issues to advocate for; and then take action to make a difference in their communities.  This program will occur during spring break and will operate 3-4 hours each day.  Program is for ages 12-15 yrs old.



Sign up for THRIVE Afterschool!

Our afterschool program provides safe, supportive quality afterschool experience for children grades K-5.  Activities occur in a structured environment where children develop friendships, personal resilience, self-respect, intellectual curiosity, conflict resolution skills, an appreciation of nature and healthy eating habits.

For school year 2017-18, Camp Fire Lone Star will be offering programs at the following schools:

George H.W. Bush Elementary

Tom C. Gooch Elementary

William L. Cabell Elementary


Please note: We have a new online registration system and you will need to create a new account if you have not already. Please do not create multiple online accounts using different email addresses – this will create more than one household in the system. If you did not receive a follow-up confirmation email:

  • Check your spam folder
  • Go to the registration site again, click Sign In, then Reset Password. Type in the email addressed you used to create the account, then click Send. If you don’t appear to receive it, check your spam folder.

If you still are having difficulty during registration, please email info@campfirelonestar.org and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you!