Wise Kids ®: Energy In, Energy Out

The central concept of  Wise Kids® is based on Energy Balance: Calories IN (calories from food) = Calories OUT (calories for activity) over time. The idea is a great framework to help children make wise choices in both what they eat and what they do so they can stay healthy in their futures. Focusing on Energy Balance throughout the program helps children understand that their choices are a part of a lifelong journey to living healthier.

Healthy Choices.  Healthy Kids.

Establishing healthy habits today doesn’t have to be difficult.  Trends such as childhood obesity can be reversed, if we all work together. In fact, children actually want to learn, and enjoy making, smart nutrition and activity choices.  Wise Kids®—a science-based, out-of-school-time curriculum for children aged 6–to 11—delivers wellness messaging and practical, hands-on activities that get kids moving. Camp Fire—in partnership with your organization— can help teach children about wellness at an early age to form healthy habits that last a lifetime!

Wise Kids® is delivered by skilled, caring adults who help children learn about nine important topics: Energy Balance, MyPlate, Calories, Food Labels, The Heart, The Body, Activity, Sleep, and Graduation. Children will:

  • Learn: Kid-centered youth workbooks provide key concepts and self-directed activities.
  • Do: Group participation creates opportunity for children to find a “voice” to express concepts in their own words.
  • Play: Physical activities get kids moving for 30 minutes during each session.

In addition, Energy In and Energy Out challenges (offered weekly) help children begin making wise choices on their own, reminding them to think about balance every day.

Wise Kids Delivers Healthy Choices for a Lifetime

  • Teaches kids to make wise nutrition and activity choices now.  a Moves the needle in a positive direction on childhood obesity.  a  Creates a common, youth-friendly vocabulary for participants.
  • Connects kids and families through Wise Families® newsletters (in both English and Spanish).
  • Encourages kids to work towards 60 minutes of daily activity.
  • Assures parents their out-of-school-time choice is worthwhile for their child!